Pokémon Black & White Review

I have been playing pokemon since I was young, the games and anime are very popular, for young and even old people.
While I have been playing Pokemon since getting Pokémon blue when I was young, I am still massive fan of the series.
Also the anime is a great one, but this will be about the games Pokemon Black and White instead of the anime!

This game is on the Nintendo DS and follows a whole new story, like was the case for all Pokemon games I played until now.
I will not go into the new parts of the game, as I have played this game quit some time ago!

Loving the parts like Pokemon Center for healing and PokeStore for buying all sorts of items and pokeballs is just the beginning.
Starting out with 1 Pokemon in this game is a very hard way to start, as you have to fight quite some powerful Pokemons, the Pokemon Center is a must to go to every now and then.
While the battle start out intense, a few moments later you will unfortunately have quite some parts in the game it won’t be, this is kind of disappointing.
There are quite a lot of parts where you have to be grinding for experience, meaning you will have to fight pokemons over and over again.
Also the gym battles, where you have to fight a sort of boss, although isn’t always designed great, but the fights are mostly quite intense, you mostly need to have some sort of pokemon to fight the gym battles, going from ice to fire, to plant to lightning.

You can capture pokemons by using pokeballs when pokemons are low on health, which is also the main part of the game, capturing every single pokemon!
Also I love the extra features, which I am unfortunate to say, can’t tell anything about, because I haven’t played this game for a year.
The different pokemons in this game make it fun to play, also the difference between looks, like cute and cool pokemon, make it a great game.

The game overall is a great game, but has it’s downsides, I however do recommend playing it!

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