The First Steps on GW2

So I have started a new character for this blog!
Had to pay 800 gems in the end, which is 10 euros, this because I had no character slot or a character to delete, but if it will be worth it, you can read here the following few weeks or even months.

Sorry for the big pictures, next post I will resize them even smaller!


To start off I began the character creation, which was done very quickly, my favorite colors are Green, Blue and sometimes Orange, seeing as this was a girl character, I decided the clothing dyes should be orange!
After some trying, I made a cute character:
My Character

After that I started the game and got the following cutscene:

And then I could start my character on Guild Wars 2!
I killed some monsters, and even some more monsters, and got to the very first “event”, which was killing some sort of stone monster.

It took a while, but finally I killed it with my determination and some friendly help of another Asuran character!
And got send to my story line quest, which was in the real world of Guild Wars 2.
Beginning of story line

Shortly after that talk, I got to another event, this time a world event, a randomly happening event.

I even ended up seeing 5 more asuran people, which were very kind to me and helped me doing the event!
I killed some more monsters and even more and more and did some random quests and storyline quests, which I didn’t actually liked, because it seems there is a bug that if you choose the golem storyline you get another storyline about a V.O.E.D., whatever that is, which dissapointed me very badly.
I ended the day with going to my very first Vista by jumping on stones and buildings.

At that part I had to eat…, which meant I had no time continue in this epic story.
Next time we will be seeing my first steps in WvWvW, shortly for World versus World versus World, but more on that subject next post!

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