Switching Around Hobbies

So I haven’t been posting for quite some time.

I have to announce that this has been because of personal reasons and switching around hobbies, which I mean by that I have been looking for a new hobby except gaming.
Currently I am busy also with reading Manga’s and watching Anime!
My latest and favorite anime has to be: Angel Beats!

My game collection is way too big now, that I don’t want any games for a while and don’t even like any games at this moment.
I still will try to be posting about games, but it will be a little less then you’re used to!
But you can also except me to be reviewing some anime and manga’s!

Also I have been taking more interest in TV Series, like NCIS, Flashpoint and more!
So do expect also more posts about that subject.
I do want to warn all people that it may be out-dated with the USA and more, this is because most TV series are released some time later here then in other countries.

I hope people will love the new subjects and hopefully will still read this blog!

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