My computer broke down again

A few days ago my computer broke down for the second time.
Last time was in the beginning of november 2011.

Now it happens that I don’t have an option but sending it back for a repair at the store.
It’s a disaster, I am really dependant on my computer, for not only my gaming but also for all the other stuff I daily do and check.
I asked like the last time if there was any replacement possible or if there was any chance that my computer would work with another harddisk, but most likely other parts of my computer also were broken and they ignored the replacement part again.

It’s really bad problem most likely, at least the harddisk is broken, but after replacing the harddisk and trying to install windows again, it seems more then that is the problem, windows installation DVD doesn’t want to boot and after trying with an USB solution, it still will not boot.

I am kind of sad and mad at the same time, I was always very safe and secure with my computer and now I lost most of my stuff and haven’t got the ability to do anything.
Also it will cost lots of money for only sending it back to the store, as it will be around 35 euros, which is around 47 US dollars at this moment or 30 british pounds, which is kind of expensive because seventeen and a half euros will have to be paid on top of that if they won’t find the problem in 30 minutes, which probably will be the case.

Still I have to find out something to do in the meantime…

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